RE: I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin enters its next parabolic phase starting now

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I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin enters its next parabolic phase starting now

in bitcoin •  6 months ago 

It should yes. Though steem has been a major laggard during this latest crypto rally. Not something I was happy to see.

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Steem did go from $.32 to current levels before the rest of the market though, didn’t it?

Maybe my timing is wrong, but I thought that Steem kinda led the market by a week. Could be wrong on that though, I don’t follow prices with the closest eye. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on that @jrcornel :)

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Yes, steem did rally from about .27 to .54 while much of the crypto market was mostly flat. However, that was due to a couple new exchange listings for steem. Since that time, when steem has moved with the rest of the market, it has been a major laggard. Pretty disappointing.

Right that makes sense. It sucks that we’re not really keeping up with the market in the latest spike, but could the reason be that many people are accustomed to that .27 level and had trouble buying in as the rest of crypto rallied and Steem was already sitting at ~.5?

From personal experience, I was buying some Steem steadily at that .27 level and even in the latest rally I had a little bit of trouble picking up more at .5.. that may just be me though.

Why were you having trouble purchasing around $.50? What was causing the trouble?

Sorry, I may have worded that poorly. I mean that in a psychological way.

Buying Steem for a few weeks for under $.3 per trade made it hard for me to want to buy any during the greater crypto spike when Steem was already sitting at nearly double the price that I was accustomed to buying at.

It could just be my perspective, but perhaps others felt similarly about picking up Steem which could serve as a part of the explanation for the lack of performance in that spike.

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I see. I get that but that same could be said for most other coins. In fact most coins are up more from their lows than steem is.... EOS for example is well of its lows compared to steem.

Hmm yeah I haven’t paid much attention to where most other coins are at. I feel like there’s just so much negativity surrounding Steem from people who don’t really understand all the amazing stuff happening with DApps.

Hopefully the tides will turn and Steem will rise up the list as people see, learn and use the great DApps built here! Thanks for your analysis, I always love getting some price perspective from someone with more experience than myself!

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Yea I don't really see it as amazing stuff happening with any apps to be honest. There are a few "ok" ones, but that is it. Nothing that will bring millions of people here unfortunately. Still need that one to be built and with steem not paying people millions of dollars like EOS, I have my doubts it will be built here.