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RE: Ex CFTC Chair: "Trump Administration Popped the Bitcoin Bubble in 2017"

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Tell me how you really feel! Ha. One thing to note in all of that... If the economy holds on through the election, history says the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the sitting president getting re-elected.


Yeah, normally that's true. These aren't normal times, however. I believe we'll be shooting at each other before that. That little shit show in Congress today shows that there is little respect for the Constitution anymore in DC. Not from the ones crashing a SCIF and not from those who didn't have the crashers arrested or shot onsite for storming a legal proceeding in a top secret location. And now, Anus Orange says he wants to build a wall in Colorado...but not in Kansas. Ever see the movie "idocracy"? Our government makes the folks in that show look like MENSA geniuses in comparison. You could not write the stoooooopidity we have to endure one would believe it. We are at boiling temperature and this will not end well, no matter what happens. Honestly, that's why I was hoping crypto would be a way to store value as it would not be under a centralized or government control and could survive an American implosion. Now, I'm not so sure it can or will.

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