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Kevin O'leary had some not so nice things to say about Bitcoin on CNBC...

Mostly stemming from his dislike of the volatility.

This dislike reached fever pitch when Anthony Pompliano revealed that he had roughly 50% of his wealth in bitcoin.

The video can be seen here:

Well guess what Mr. Wonderful, it is irresponsible not to have any exposure to bitcoin either.

Take a look at this...

Public pension plans with $1B+ in assets targeted 7.25% long-term return last year.

They missed that target and had a median return of 6.79%.

If they had just 1% of their assets in Bitcoin, those public pension plans would have hit the target.

This is exactly why at least a 1% allocation is needed.

Bitcoin is an asymmetric non correlated asset. Perfect for institutional macro funds.

Stay informed my friends.


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Bitcoin is going to hit its transaction cap, thats why BCH was made in the first place. Litecoin is poised to replace BTC however, being #4 and sharing the first to market advantage - it being used by all the ATMs for example. When BTC caps out, LTC is the most likely to replace it.. has a much higher reward potential considering it stands to go from 5B to 200B, before it goes like 5x from there. Easily aiming for 1 trillion market cap. Its over 8x faster than Bitcoin, has no transaction backlog. When it costs 50$ and takes 2 weeks to send Bitcoin you will be happy you bought Litecoin instead.

We are a ways off from there:

Now that segwit has been widely adopted, it's not going to happen like it did in late 2017.

I'm sorry, but I think there is about a 1% chance (maybe even less) that litcoin replaces bitcoin with a higher market cap. To be honest I am not sure why litecoin even exists really. It's not different enough from bitcoin to garner such a high valuation.

Moving $450 million for $40 is pretty good when compared to legacy financial systems:

I saw that commentary live and was so happy to see Pomp maintain his composure despite having Mr Wonderful there which is a huge critic. He keep mentioning his $100 purchase for a couple of years ago but never recognizes he bought the hype. That same investment 9 years ago would be worth hundreds of thousands today!

Didn't he say several months ago? He didn't buy any either way, he was just playing a critic, picking a top and saying how it is now down. We can talk again in a few months or years about that purchase Kevin and see how it looks...

Yeah control our emotion to trade

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Just meaning that with the potential returns in bitcoin, and it's non-correlated nature, it makes a lot of sense in everyone's portfolio, even if only a small percentage.