If you have a long term investing horizon, bitcoin is a buy right now

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Bitcoin is entering the long term buy zone...

If you like bitcoin long term, nothing has really changed.

The bullish phase is over for the current cycle, but the next cycle is only a stone's throw away with the next halving less than 2 years away.

We are quickly approaching the buy zone:


(Source: https://twitter.com/AriRudd/status/1522589406624104448/photo/1)

This shows the price potentially getting into the mid $20k's over the coming months at some point, which I could see.

It makes sense to start dollar cost averaging in now though just in case that doesn't happen.


we probably have one more flush to go

this is either the drop or one more

everything else is recovering

how high can we bounce?

my guess is we bounce to $36k

we will see

was that the low

it might have been

dollar keeps rising

interest rates keeps rising

tough for bitcoin and crypto

interesting times

steem holding up

like to see it back over .30

nasdaq rebounding

Great insight! It's best to HODL for long-term and try not to "panic sale" at this period. Thanks for sharing!

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