But yes, Bitcoin is the problem...

in #bitcoin3 months ago

The aviation industry is killing the planet, not bitcoin

The next time someone tells you bitcoin is killing the planet, show em this chart...


(Source: https://twitter.com/FearandGreedex/status/1439994713352949761/photo/1)

Maybe we should ban planes before we ban bitcoin...


The problem with Bitcoin mining is that it's self-feeding loop... Companies have to manufacture better and better ASIC miners to keep up with the difficulty growth... Manufacturing ASIC miners will require a lot more toxic chemicals than aviation industry where airplanes last for decades.

The scale of the two industries are not even remotely in the same ballpark though...

It's like comparing a toxic substance that only requires one drop to kill to a toxic substance that requires days of exposure...

I should know, I worked over 10 years for a company that handled scrap electronics.

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