Bitcoin - Fun Fact!

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Did you know that there only 70 days that bitcoin has been unprofitable to buy?

Let me go a bit deeper and give that some context...

Since bitcoin was created, there are only 70 days that the price of bitcoin has been higher than it is right now.

Take a look at the chart:


That means that since bitcoin was created back in early 2009 only 2% of the time has it ever traded higher than it is right now...

Which means...

Had you bought bitcoin on any of the other 3,752 days you would currently be profitable.

Doesn't mean a whole lot if you purhcased during those 70 days, but it is interesting never the less.

The thing that is most interesting to me is that at some point this chart likely says "unprofitable 0% of the time"...

This happens when bitcoin makes a new high.

Stay informed my friends.


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Well, we will never see $1,000 bitcoin again.
And we will say the same things about $10,000 bitcoin.

And, the truly shocking will be, that we will say that about $1,000,000 bitcoin.
(but that may be short lived as the dollar dies)

I don't think the dollar will die any time soon... and even when it does, it will be a long slow death...

USD is a dinosaur,
and Bitcoin is a big ass comet.

Maybe so, but those with armies will seek to keep it valuable.

Haha, yeah, and one of the generals will say:

Okay men!
It's time to attack the Internet!
Move out!

USD is going to get annihilated by Libra.
I wonder how many mercenaries the top 100 corporations can afford.
All of them?

wow didn't know that hhh lol @jrcornel can u follow me plz thnk u

Learn something new every day!

This is a cool fact, re-steem


Fun fact indeed, but nothing more!! :D

Soon we will be at 100%, until the market turns bearish again.

I think you mean, 0%! :)

Ye, a little confusion there :D

It's understandable.

Eh, ignoring the dimension of time is not real helpful.

What do you mean?

Profit is good, yes. But it's measured as a function of time. BTC has been a loss for the past 18 months or so until quite recently. That has an effect on people's decisions.

Of course. It was a "fun fact" that bitcoin has traded lower than this for 98% of its history. Doesn't help anyone that has purchased higher though.

Good point

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