Be careful accessing your accounts using public Wi-Fi connections.

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I have heard and read about this way too many times.

Earlier this week, a man out in Austria logged into a public Wi-Fi and checked his bitcoin accounts only to have $117,000 worth of bitcoin immediately swiped from his accounts.

The entirety of the story can be read here:

It is unclear exactly where the money was stolen from as the investigation is ongoing, but it is pretty clear the basics of what happened.

Anytime you login to a public Wi-Fi connection, it is possible that your information can be stolen. Never access cryptocurrency exchanges or online wallets from a public Wi-Fi connection.

Hackers can set up seemingly identical connections as well as use things called "sniffers" to gain access to your information.

Some specifics:

In this particular situation, the individual's bitcoin accounts were compromised immediately when he logged in.

From that point his bitcoin was transferred out of his accounts and sent to an anonymous account. 

It will be interesting to see how the criminals plan on getting that bitcoin into fiat currency as that anonymous account is being watched by regulators.

Perhaps the plan is to exchange it for a different crypto, like Monero, that is harder to track? Or perhaps the plan is just to keep it in bitcoin and perform some transaction in that, since it is being more widely accepted around the world?

The big takeaway from all of this is just don't access your wallets or exchanges while using a public Wi-Fi.

It's just not worth the risk.

I know that when I was staying in Las Vegas in some of the different hotels, I didn't even access out of fear that someone could potentially steal my login information.

The drawback of being your own bank, like you are with crypto, is that you have to have security like a bank. There is no one out there ensuring your funds except for you.

If they are lost, you are out of luck.

Don't let that be you.

Stay informed my friends.


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No more public wifi lol

Basic computer safety. Use a VPN is you are doing anything over public WiFi that you dont want to be stolen

This comment needs to stay at the top of the post. I would go a step further and say if you are on any public network use a VPN no matter what you are doing online.

What are the best locations/countries to set the VPN to?

VPN doesn’t to shit in this situation. This is sniffing. You log in to the network And people have the habit of saying I accept. He probably just accepted to give the person admin rights and sniffed his profile and keystrokes. Pretty much looking at everything he does on the screen to his password. Now better situation here is using 2FA. Now if he did this on his phone even that could be compromised. If you accept the connection and let it install a profile on your phone you are basically giving the dude access to your phone and your home screen. They can even probably launch the Authenticator app. Best thing here’s is awareness, if you connect to public WiFi don’t accept any rogue profile request. If the connection asks you for it then don’t even connect. Best solution is to avoid public WiFi’s unless you are in Starbucks or something. I even avoid those. If you really need WiFi on the go turn on your cell hotspot.

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Just not a free ones... they're not good enough.

(I know you know that, this comment is for people who read it and understand it wrong)

  • check the news you should always your a VPN, + a hardware wallet ... Also recently the WPA2 – the wireless security standard used by most has been hacked ( there is a fix though)

I had to double check, I knew I'd heard about SHA-1 being broken, Cisco had finally admitted at the beginning of the year- VPN is still effective, but only against attacks that AREN'T serious.

People are really going to have start taking security extremely serious because this is only going keep happening.

So the solution would be like, be your own Wi-Fi.

Haha that's hilarious, yes

Nothing is even more hilarious when I up-voted this comment of yours with my full blast voting power and it doesn't even change anything to your reward on this comment. Makes me realize how high the mountain I intend to climb. The irony of being a minnow.

On public wi-fi's I recommend using tor browser, and if you are using an android device I would recommend ORbot that basically proxy your connection through the tor network!

Everyone Missed the WPA2 Worldwide Public Service Announcement?

Nearly every router in the world needed a patch, and I'd be surprised (considering how I've heard nobody talking about it) if even 25% of them have been patched. Especially considering the patch requires updating your router software.

The Vulnerability Allows an Attacker

to drop your https session to http and view your traffic unencrypted.

This type of theft is relatively easy to perpetuate. It's called Kali Linux, any script kiddy can download it and install it. Then use tools like wire shark etc to sniff the waves for useful information. Or better yet, just spoof the hotspot as a man in the middle and take anything that comes across. Works well for hotels as well that offer either free wifi or paid wifi as the keys are sent unecrypted and I can sniff your key, and then become you through the hotel router to do all kinds of bad things. Or I just spoof myself as the hotel wifi and allow everyone coming in to connect their device to this network and take whatever I find, CC info, Bank Info, Passwords, Personal details etc...

PUBLIC wifi. Never a good idea without a vpn. Especially at airports

First thing first:
Use your own wifi connection.

Don't use public wifi.

Third: The vulnerability a hacker discover is a predefined vulnerability for National Security or for the Central Goveronment, so they look into public and private of people without doing any hardwork.
This is how software industries work. Suck it up.

yeh everybody shold aware

Great advice and I hope the entire Steemit community can read it. As much as we trust our level of security, it's hard to know when you gonna get hit. Let's all be cautious and avoid public Wi-Fi and other outlets where our log-on are compromised.

Public wifi is nearly impossible to avoid in any town or city, being cautious now means taking full responsibility for mitigating your personal online exposure surface on all devices.
Turning off all location services, network discovery, and other SDR hardware and services until actually needed is a decent start, except maybe the phone service itself, and THAT'S not all that secure- using VPN is vital, but not entirely sufficient.

Great advice! Internet network security is crucial in protecting accounts and wallets. Thank you!

This is a lesson in basic crypto security. Little mistakes can be very costly. Thank you!

Hi @jrcornel perhaps i am glad to learn that indeed hackers can interfere with your account and steal your money inform of hacking while you tend to access your account through public Wi-Fi indeed thank you @jrcornel so much for this scam alert,As per now i will be very careful while using public Wi-Fi to access my Steemit account,Lastly thank you sir for your post and keep on posting such informative post on Steemit platform.

There's no such thing as security, just a shorthand for "differing levels of risk"...

thanks for this information it's very helpful @jrcornel

Informative post. 👍

It's awful, if someone was do something like this to me I might be lost my mind!
It's important not to login into your account of any type from public networks.

Thank you for the information @jrcornel

Do you mind to upvote for me dude?

I wont even recommend logging in to your facebook using public wifi. Because a hacked account will land you in so much trouble that you cannot even fathom the scale of it..

Use public wifi to search on google. Thats it

This is another reason why, if you own a website, having https encryption is so important. I would never shop a website out of wifi if it's only http. You can tell by the little i info symbol in the top left corner. Steemit has the green lock box and is secure! :)

Wow I never knew. Thanks for the info.

thank you for sharing this great news I also have cryptocurrency like a ripple and Bitcoin and your information is very very important for everyone tomorrow i resteem your post because today I posted my introduction post. @jrcornel

Sad news but informative for all steemians ! It gives a lession for all. thanks for sharing this information. 👍

Great to know pal :)

Wow, I am so happy I havn't done that! GREAT PUBLIC INTEREST INFO! thank you.

It is very nice to hear such news that we will be cautious in the future

Awesome post! @jrcornel Loving this group really amazing how informative and helpful! Keep it up Steemians! I am new here hope to connect with more of you, let's flow the abundance and grow as one! My first post


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If this happened to me I would have an instant heart attack, so it wouldn't matter. Just hearing about it happening to someone else raises my shackles. Thank you for the considerate warning. Hope they catch the thieves.

Everyone with an ounce of common sense knows to take care using public wifi, so the question is, what is the best way to access the internet in public places to keep our personal information safe ?

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Great post! Keep up the good work.
With best regards from the Bitcoin for Beginners-communty

Great advice! upvoted and subscribed, thank you!

That is right, one must be extra careful when accessing cryptocurrency wallets. I don't even access them from my office computer, let alone a public wifi!

We simply cannot make a blanket statement to ‘not use public Wi-Fi’! I completely understand the main point of your post - maintain security over your wallets and accounts.
However, if cryptocurrency is ever to become as ubiquitous as ‘cash’ or other hard currencies - the global community must create ways for the ‘every man’ to use this form of payment.
Imagine going to pay for your gasoline, dinner, or ice cream with your cryptocurrency of choice. Opening your wireless device you expect to access the establishment’s internet connection to complete the transaction. We want hurdles removed, currency flowing, and crypto-economies thriving!
What are your ideas for hardening cryptocurrency - and for increasing the ability to exchange easily?

Precaution is better than cure.

Thankx for the tip

Its best not to access a Crypto wallet via public wifi.. jst use a secure wifi!! and also when using it on a phone to check if the wifi is not ON... that may cause it sometimes to automatically connect to wifi..

really super & mind touch post and pic like it.

As the Father and muse for Public Wi-Fi, I deeply regret your sharing this information.

However, when I joined Steemit I promised to recognize good content.

Well played, human. Till next time.




Nice one

If I am the hacker I buy that under watched btc to monero then make more than ten transfer to different account then split it to many account then buy ETH to buy back some btc.

Is this relevant for wallets on mobile devices? More specifically, should I not use my iPhone-Jaxx wallet on public Wi-Fi's or 3g/4g etc.?

Amazing people can have $100k in Bitcoin but can't afford a $100 Trezor or Ledger

Nice article

😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
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Thanks for sharing