2 year bull market starts now...

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If history repeats we could be looking at roughly 600% returns from here within the next couple years

Will history repeat exactly?


But it may rhyme.

If history is any indication we should expect roughly 600% gains from here over the next couple years.

Check it out:


(source: https://twitter.com/AurelienOhayon/status/1556061372240334853/photo/1)

The price going north of $120k by 2025 seems very doable to me...

What about you?


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I don't think so...

because The US$ won't make it.
By 2025, no one will exchange even a satoshi for useless paper.

Not that i think the pattern you show will not repeat.
I just believe that bitcoin will go no-bid.

I foresee bitcoin to $100,000 sometime around the holiday season this year.
However, i do not feel that The US$ will make it to $1 million bitcoin.

BUT! This time, its different.
i feel that we will see a rush to get out of cash.
Which will cause bitcoin to skyrocket and The US$ to crash.

The problem is, how much The US$ is actually convertible?
We have tons of it floating around, but much of it is stuck in things that locked up tight. Like most of the derivatives.

Further, the plunge protection team will throw as much money as needed into the other sides of trades to keep the price looking good. But this increases the amount of money that gets stuck.

So, i do not think this chart is going to make it to 2025.
But i am fairly sure that bitcoin will be very valuable.

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