150 Bitcoin ATMs to be added in Ukraine

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Over the coming months 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed in the Ukraine.

Of those 150, roughly 30 ATMs are set to be installed by the end of the summer on the streets of Kiev. Which is the capital city of Ukraine.

That 150 number by the end of the year is quite ambitious. It works out to almost 1 new ATM created every single day from here on out.  

Michael Chobanian, founder of the Kuna Cryptocurrency Exchange had this to say:

"By the end of the year, around 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed throughout Ukraine. This is at the request of one customer who contacted us. Plus, there is a constant demand from entrepreneurs across Ukraine who want to engage in this business, that is, buy terminals and sell cryptocurrencies."

Did you catch that part in the middle, "the request of one customer"?!

One customer?! Really?

That must be one pretty influential individual!

Currently there is only one BTM (Bitcoin ATM) in Ukraine according to Coinatmradar. Coinatmradar is a website that tracks BTMs globally. 

This lone BTM is the first one in the country and is located in Odessa, a port city in Southern Ukraine. It was installed in late April of this year.

There are other places to "buy" bitcoin from machines in Ukraine, however.

The reason "buy" is in quotation marks is because you can't actually buy the coin, instead you buy a voucher for the coin.

Currently, there are about 4,000 terminals that sell bitcoin vouchers that customers can then redeem for bitcoins on the BTCU website.

The BTMs to be installed later this year look to cut out the middle man and let customers interact directly with Bitcoin. 

These new BTMs will support Bitcoin, Ether, Waves, and Golos.

Did you hear that Steemians? 

Golos will also be accepted at these BTMs in Ukraine!

The reason that it is interesting to Steemians is because a while back Golos were created as the Russian version of Steemit.com. In fact, Steem holders were credited with a certain number of Golos at the time of the drop.

The site can be accessed here:


Perhaps these BTMs can help drive some demand for the currency?!

The beauty of Ukraine...

Michael Chobanian went on to further explain that anyone can get into this Bitcoin ATM business. 

Specifically he had this to say:

"There is no need to obtain any licenses for this activity. No one gets licenses for coffee machine businesses. This is the beauty of Ukraine."

No licenses? No endless run around from bureaucracy?

Must be nice...

The beauty of Ukraine indeed!



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mass adoption for bitcoin, please!

Thanks for sharing

This is great, now the everyday smoe in UK can finally buy some Bitcoin, in turn driving up that value and price for us early investors. The great thing about Bitcoin is that limited quantity and that ever growing demand. I hope we see more Bitcoin ATMs pop up in America.

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Exceptional, 150 bitcoin ATM, great results.
I also hope that news will come in Indonesia as well, because I also want to try or see the real Bitcoin.
This information is good news for the upcoming month, thanks @jrcornel I am always proud of you, as you always provide useful information to the community of SteeMit.

Haha well thank you! Yes this is very good news indeed. :)

Haha :D How do you think, will Bitcoin come also in Indonesia? :)

There's quite a few Bitcoin atms here in Vancouver. I've never used one, might have to try it out. Good to see btms popping up around the world.

We have 4 bitcoin ATMs here in Houston, Texas U.S.A. It's really having a big influence

That's fantastic. You should take a picture of them some time and do a post about it... I'd vote it :)

Wow! I hope someday we will have our own BTC atms here in the Philippines. My countrymen need to be exposed to the exciting world of cryptocurrency.. :)

Lets make it happen. It only took one customer demanding them in Ukraine :)

The issue is that BTC/crypto is not that yet embraced here in our country. A lot of skeptics, but most of all, a lot are uneducated about crypto.
That's why i'm trying to learn about it, little by little, slowly but surely. To spread the crypto word! ;)

Tell me about it! - So hard to convice my Filipino Mum about this :')

Unbank the masses and "bank" the unbanked. BTC!

Yes! What a great statement that is, I may use that some time. :)

Please do. We are all in this together.

Great news for crypto community. hope someone setup in India soon

The journey beginns... ^^

BTC will be big , while some will believe it and others won't

Cryptocurrency is the future of the world economy. This is an interesting read.

You can just feel how BTC is going to be so big. Each and every country will be adopting it.

Fantastic post @jrcornel

Awesome, bring them to the U.S. too!

Wow, that's amazing. I will encourage all countries around the world to have bitcoin atm. This is an emerging technology.

Here you can see all BTC ATMs in the world https://coinatmradar.com/
And here you can buy BTC ATMs https://coinatmradar.com/shop/buy-bitcoin-atm/

Great post! I have one down the street I use- it now supports litecoin too! Do you have them wherever you live? They are great to use but sometimes the wait time can suck even if you set your wallet to priority anything less than 370 (bytes) takes over an hour to redeem.

Great news for Ukraine & Bitcoin !!!download.jpg

This will be super interesting for all those of us who are hiring Ukrainian programmers.
Great article mate!

thanks for sharing these kind of post

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Great news for Ukraine! I wonder who's that "crypto-hero"..

This can possibly be a role model for other countries especially from the developing world to follow. People from developing countries especially, should be educated about cryptocurrency to keep up with the footsteps of the developed world.


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Posting into the hot category is amazing. Thank you friends steemit already sharing good bitcoin

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bitcoin is unstoppable. love it.

This is quite remarkable. Bitcoin is obviously here to stay. If only I had bought some when I first heard about it. Today I believe it is well over $3000 for one coin. I hope this continues in other countries.

I hope there will be an ATM of BITCOIN in the Philippines also. FILIPINO cryptocurrency users gonna love it too.

Waaaw it's amazing

This is a huge step for Bitcoin. I can't wait the day when I'll see a BTC ATM in Romania.

Very promising news. If only we could have that type of bitcoin atm expansion here in the US. Perhaps some smart bank could provide bitcoin purchase as an option along with the usual cash deposit / withdrawal ability.

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Great post, you are a great worker, I love it very much @jrcornel

So nice to see countries opened to cryptos like that. I hope I will see the same soon in my country. By the way, your pictures of Ukraine are very nice. Thanks

The trend continues of most places outside of the U.S. onboarding BTC. Hopefully the U.S. gets on board. Though my buddy did see a BTC, LTC, ETH accepted sign at a local store last week.

Nice! What store?

Haha, I knew you were going to ask me. I have no idea. He took a pic and sent it to me a few days later after doing a bunch of running around and cannot recall exactly which spot. I was like, are you kidding me man? I'm going swing by a couple spots he mentioned when I get back home next week.

P.S. - did you see the post about dave ramsey's advice on crypto I did today, just bad advice he gave this kid, bad.

That's really great News,Bitcoin makes life easy.

Wow. Go Ukraine!

Great news!
BTC world wide!

Each one onboard strengthens the rest . It's a beautiful thing growing here .

And soon there is more :)

Hmm, did it say that the "one customer" was actually from Ukraine?

I couldn't find any charts to see what the Ukranian hryvnia is trading at.

I hear bitcoin is really popular in Venezuela too.

Very interesting, we definitely need them here in South-Africa too. We have two Bitcoin exchanges, now we need to pressurize them to put up BTM's. I however think there will be some major regulations here in SA to put them up, unlike the Ukraine.

Get to work with the pressuring ;)

I wonder who that one customer was...

HOLY this is so Legit! I will tell everyone I know!

That's fantastic! Good stuff! Congrats, Kiev!

Good info thanks

great news man!

Thats very good news,hope it happens soon in my country too.Thanks for sharing

That's awesome.

That's the beauty of cryptocurrency. A time will come that the general public and all the big firms will rush to this new era of freedom in economy. And no one will be able to deny the power of decentralised money.

That's great

Thanks for the info! On this link here you can see all BTC ATMs in the world https://coinatmradar.com/ and here you can buy BTC ATMs https://coinatmradar.com/shop/buy-bitcoin-atm/ Have a nice day and keep up the good work.

Im @bcash I will rule Bitcoin one day!!! cash is king coins are petty

I hope this will be done! Thanks @jrcornel for the excellent news!

spred them to romania also , one in every city .

Thank you for information my brother @jrcornel

That's amazing that they are accepting Goloa... anything good for Golos is good for Steem! And all at the behest of one individual... crazy

Excellent post, greetings ..

Good news! Welcome to Ukraine

Are you serious about this? It will be good news but as I know, cryptocurrency is illegal in Ukraine...