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Today the market cap dropped from roughly 275 billion USD down to 250 billion USD, making it a 10% loss.

Why smile or even laugh about it? Am I nuts? In a way. But that's not my reason for being positive on this event. In my opinion, this is a good opportunity to buy and get into the market.

But it's volatile and bearish! Right and wrong. Volatility is always a big risk but a big chance as well. You can't have one without the other. About bear market: compare prices of today with the data a year ago. The market is not bearish it's consolidating. That's is a good thing.

EOS does not meet the high expectations, the resulting disappointment may very well cause doubts about EOS. Those doubts may also spread throughout the market.

What amateur investors usually fail to understand, is that setbacks are a common event. Especially in an industry where there are so many new issues that have to be taken care of.
Setbacks are a normal part of a learning curve. Without them, there is no evolution. If you think that failing to deliver according to a roadmap causes an entire project to be cancelled you are wrong. It is the circumstances of that failure, that determine what will come off it.

Another reason to be optimistic is more and more governments are taking cryptocurrencies serious, by attempting to classify them. Why would a government try to classify something, that they are going to ban anyway? Right, the ban-hammer is off the table, at least for some time. Meaning: in terms of legislation and the "call for regulation" there is progress. Maybe slow, but there is some.

So think of this: When the expectations towards legislation are met to a minimum, what do you think will keep the big financial players from investing in cryptocurrencies? Those player include those companies that move trillions of USD per day. 1 trillion USD could in a simplified model be used to move the entire current market 4 times. 4 times the entire market changes its holder. The last number I heard about forex was that it moved 6 trillion USD per day. At this point, I have to warn you. Do not get too euphoric, that wouldn't be healthy either.

Yours JP


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