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Hi all!

As of today, the testnet of the Open Trading Network is live. The OTN-token traded highest on Nov 14th 2017 with a price of 53,21$ each. That raised high hopes and expectation.

However, the younger history was not that lucky. With the cancelation of the emission in early Feb 2018 and setbacks in publishing products as scheduled, OTN caused doubts if the project would become a success.
The missing communication about what was causing the delays and troubles raised suspicion, that OTN might turn out to be a scam.

The start of the testnet and the bounty-program to elaborate vulnerabilities, do not make up for what went wrong during the past months. But it does clearly show, that the project is still alive. It does not make that much sense to pay customers for testing and reporting errors, or to attend conferences if you plan to abandon a project.

From a risk-management point of view, the whole network will be tough to set up. So further delays are to be expected. But for now, the OTN-team has presented a first glimps on what might be comming. And thats huge.

The Airdrop for 1st of july 2018 is not officially teased. My sources confirmed though that it will happen.

If you want to check on the testnet please check out the following link: https://medium.com/@otncoin/otn-bounty-program-98de0fadf6f4

Yours JP


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