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Hi all!

Let's take a look at the crashes of Market so far this year.

January 461 billion USD
February 335 billion USD -> -126
March 278 billion USD -> -57
April 248 billion USD -> -30
August 207 billion -> - 41

So another crash towards $ 180 billion or $ 170 billion seems possible right now. A year ago, coinmarketcap.com's market capitalization was estimated at over 132 billion. So the increase in capital would be still a good performance, even in the case of another drop.

With about 62.5% increase, Bitcoin does very well when it comes to price performance. The market share has climbed again over 50% certainly, that's also due to this fact. This may also be an indication that Bitcoin will truly be able to step up to a gold-like function towards digital currencies. If all currencies perform bad, investors go back to Bitcoin or Gold. So there is a commonality here. The fact that all cryptocurrencies can be traded against Bitcoin gives the currency a certain general tradability. Again, there is a commonality. What sets Gold and Bitcoin apart are the centuries of exchange culture that Bitcoin does not have and can not have.

So, even if the current development from the momentary perspective does not look good, viewed over the longer term, there is much positive to see.

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