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RE: TUTORIAL - How to fix Unconfirmed Transactions!

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I have 3 transactions unconfirmed now for over 2 days. I am kinda freaking out. Makes no sense there is a backdoor method and not frontdoor.
Until a transact actually confirms we could have more EDIT control. I am using a coinomi wallet ,, not sure how to do this with that. yet


Since I posted this article they have added 2 "rescue" methods:

  • Child pays for parent
  • Replace by fee

With the RBF you have to enable that flag when sending the transaction, usually enabled by default, so you can replace the TX with a new one.

Otherwise you can use the other methid in which a 2nd transation is sent that increases the cumulative fee for the first one.

Look into them and see if your wallet can process that:

See if your can rescue your transaction.

Thanks child pays for parent worked with heavy fees.. the bittersweetness of mass adoption.