Starting a business using Bitcoin as an engine

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I must say that the way in which time goes by is impressive, as one is filled with activities that make it more difficult to post daily on this platform.

In recent days I have little time left to devote myself to write a post about reflections that I often make, observations, topics that I discover while reading something on public transport, among other things that I usually present through steemit.

Similarly devote myself to read some publications of people who I follow and whom I have nurtured has been somewhat complicated, but the dynamics will be turning in my favor, organizing, systematizing.

For visiting my blog thank you very much.

Welcome to my new publication.


Everything is because I am somewhat restless around the work and I am always looking for something new to do or ways to improve what I do, that is why I have dedicated time to start a personal business that has involved attending a bank, making a series of paperwork that as everyone knows, takes time.

Also I must continue with my current job, since without it I could not maintain a good standard of living, not even close to acceptable hehehe

But I am constant in what I do, and steemit is not something I will abandon, definitely not.

The business that I propose is to serve as an intermediary for sending remittances to my country, convert Colombian pesos to Sovereign Bolivars (Venezuelan currency) at an exchange rate much better than that offered by the Venezuelan national government.

Between design advertising, cards, specify a loan to start, have been somewhat moved my days, but starting today with this venture.

I must emphasize that I will use the cryptocurrency and localbitcoin (site where you can buy Bitcoin with local currency) to carry out this process of changes, an option that I could appreciate thanks to being involved in this world of cryptocurrencies.

To start I will focus on the changes but I have other things in mind that later, when I have thought better and started, I will let you know.


That is why the last few days I have kept something distant from this platform, because you necessarily have to prioritize, and get in front of the venture. Once it is started, it is necessary to systematize to simplify the process, and reorder.

Particularly I am one of those who find it hard to write a post with short lines, and I must dedicate a few hours, and even days to make a post, but if I do some research on the subject that I want to give some input. For this reason I sometimes stop publishing, because when I have an idea I must write it down, and then I think about it, I see it from different points of view before setting it, and that is when I dedicate myself to expressing myself.

But we will continue reading, supporting and understanding ourselves from our publications and readings.

Until a next publication.

Have a good start to the week.



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