Total returns over the last 10 years...

in #bitcoin3 months ago

Do you see a trend where you should be putting your money?

Guess what or who returned the most value of the last decade...

Do you have a guess?

I sure do...




And it hasn't even been close, as you can see.

If you put your money in gold for the last decade, you've lost 6% of your money, not to mention the loss of purchasing power in a time when the money supply has increased significantly.

Yep, don't own the shiny metal, it's hazardous to your financial health.


Wow Great
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Okay!! I’ll sell gold tomorrow!! LoL

Like this if you have most of your holdings in Bitcoin!

It's not a financial advice though but having a good balance on how to keep to a number of assets is a good investment in crypto. I believe in keeping a diversified portfolio on a trusted wallet application like the one from, which supports multiple coins.

I think these days are not good to withdraw

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