Rand Paul is now on the Bitcoin Bandwagon...

in #bitcoinlast month

Every couple of days Bitcoin claims another...

Over the last several years, and specifically last couple months, bitcoin has converted all sorts of celebrities and politicians...

The latest being one Rand Paul...

Paul says that bitcoin could one day become the reserve currency of the world.

I agree.


(Source: https://twitter.com/BitcoinMagazine/status/1452682979902361600/photo/1)

Nice to have you Rand!


His dad is on the bandwagon as well...

Rand Paul is honestly one of only a handful of politicians who actually makes sense these days. He has been putting the pressure on Little Faucci for months.

The storm is surging!

Yea, if nothing else has a pulpit from which to push things!

This is awesome! Now he just needs to talk about the great reset :-p

What is that?

We need more senators to move in his direction... we have a couple now.

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