Brazil is coming to Crypto

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The Mayor of Rio De Janeiro made some major Bitcoin announcements this morning...

The Mayor of Rio announced that they will be putting 1% of their treasury into bitcoin.

But that's not all...

He also announced they would be offering a 10% discount on taxes paid in bitcoin.

That second one might be an eve bigger deal the first!



These announcements I am mentioning I have only heard second hand so keep that in mind.

I need to find the actual quotes from the government to verify.

Either way, Rio and Brazil are clearly moving towards bitcoin and crypto in a big way.


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Brazil in crypto? I guess it's not just football after all :)

Good to hear! Little by little the world is coming to accept what the future of finance will inevitably look like.

information excellent

I hope that the two offers come true, so the bicoint will position itself more in the market

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Great 👍

well this is fantastic news indeed. I still know a bunch of people that are very anti-crypto and they can't really provide any good reason why they are that way. Most of them say "you can't buy anything with it!" which of course is not true but even if it was these same people own stocks.... ok genius, go on down to Wal-Mart and buy some groceries with your Starbucks stock.

Yes it realy great news for crypto investors.

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