Are we topping here or going to $10k?

in bitcoin •  3 months ago 

Bitcoin may be topping or just resting until the next surge...

Looking at the chart it looks a bit toppy to me...


However, the lack of a major pullback tells me that we may want to go higher still first.

I mean we have looked overbought for weeks now, yet we keep going higher.

What gives?

The demand has been so great that prices can't even pullback meaningfully.

I think we touch $10k, then we dip.

Looking for a move back to the $7k or $6k area after we test $10k.

I will be a buyer there.

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i hope :)

Hoping for top or $10k?

i hope $1000,000 :)

I am not sure what that number is, but it looks kinda sorta like $1 million.

Yes :)

Well that would be nice.



if 10k breaks we go high 11 to 12k and we see a pullback to 8k, is my analyses tell me, but remember its BTC ;O) who knows whats next !

No one! Well except those manipulating prices around... they have a pretty good feel for where they want prices to go.

true! the next few weeks will be very exciting in the BTC Market

I think we mostly pull back over the next few weeks. Then I think you want to be a buyer...

It's a boy! ähm, it's a buy! BUY BTC NOW! ;O)

No Financial advice !

I did. $7,500 was a good spot.

jap good buy in, i buy btc every month

Me too.

it was and still is!

I bought the $10k test recently. Hope it works out.

I think we are doing the Electric Slide 👢 Then the Rally will resume. Just sayin 🧐

It's possible.