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in bitcoin •  27 days ago

Venezuela just tried to withdraw $1.2 billion of their own gold out of the Bank of England.

They were denied this request by the bank.  

If you don’t think uncensorable, unseizable money is going to become the standard, you’re absolutely nuts.  

Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers! 

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The people in control want more control and they are getting their way because of banks. Legit banks own countries anymore

Never, ever, EVER trust the English.

I had a nightmare experience in London when I was 17. I was arrested, thrown in jail, beaten up by the cops because I wouldn't answer their questions, and then accused of involvement with the IRA simply because I had some Irish friends.

When I was finally permitted to leave the country, I swore that never again would I venture within the jurisdiction of UK law enforcement.


Yikes, sounds like I won't be either!


In fairness, what I should have said was, never trust the government of the UK. As individuals the British are no different from the rest of us, and I have no grudge against them.


Yes, I knew what you meant. :)

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