Crypto market 1 year ago - 2017 September 23th

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Market cap : $124B ($227 now)
Bitcoin : $3626 ($6731 now - the best)
Ethereum : $260 ($244 now)
Steem : $0.98 ($0.89 now)

BTC Dominance: 48.6% -> 51.3% now (up from 32% in 2018 January!)
If last year this time BTC was at$3626 and went to $20k, it can do it this year too from current $6731 easily.

Screenshot of

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Crypto market is again turning green as happened in 2017 September.

Certainly this time BTC will break all previous records.

Definitely with you. Probably we will see this as a small piece of pike like 10 years later.

a nostalgic chart .. lot of things changed since then 😃

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Good to see posts like this that bring some clarity to the current situation and remind us just how far we have come.

So overall btc still on higher side. We should wait for it go up..

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Nice article, always great to see that the market has grown in different ways and not only to focus on individual cryptos.

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Great Post 😆

ARK at number 20, good times. Some changed a lot, others are pretty much at the same level, fun to see.

Hopefully market again going up.Good days coming back soon.

I just hope you are right, and the market will go up, and my pennys become dollars ))) Good luck to all of us!

Thanks for the update bro, i realized you do trade on cryptocurrencies, have you tried trading on digitex?? If you haven't please do and youll forever be grateful to me. Thanks