Crypto market 1 year ago - 2017 September 17th

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Market cap : $128B ($202B now)
Bitcoin : $3820 ($6490 now - the best)
Ethereum : $279 ($220 now)
Steem : $1.2 ($0.74 now)

BTC Dominance: 47.6% -> 55.4% now (up from 32% in 2018 January!)
If last year this time BTC was at$3820 and went to $20k, it can do it this year too from current $6490 easily.

Remember Bitcoin History: The slaying of the BearWhale, where 30,000 BTC ask wall (roughly $10 million) was butchered!

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Dear my friend, thank you for give to us newbie (i discover crypto as many people in the end of 2017) the dimension of the last year market and give us the hope it will happen again what it was in 2017, but i have serious doubt because now market cap is bigger and we over than double coins present in the market, so this difference is not true, i think in that time market was more evaluable than now...:(((

i see bitconnnnnet!!!

Thanks for posting this. I think it really shows how massively oversold both Steem and Ethereum are. Both platform have made enough fundamental developmental gains to justify a higher price.

Agreed, cheers!

Yep, that where the good days, but it is like a wave, so good days will finally return sooner or later. The number of ico's has increased rapidly so we have to share the investments over a lot more coins. The problem currently are not the altcoins, also not Ethereum, Ripple or Bitcoin Cash. The problem is the low volume for Bitcoin, and large investors that had taken to many risks in december 2017, buying bitcoin at the high end.

Patience is key, so every body is waiting for September 26 (Mt Gox) and september 30 SEC. After this we will see...

High tide will return, the toughest part is to do nothing :) Thanks for your comment!

Try us for listing (and much more) :)

Very nice, no Ads, thanks for the info!


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Thank you.

surprisingly we are in a nice profit, for the last 12 month my clear favorite is dogecoin xD - whats your best hodl / trade?

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Seems this coming december it will really pump so hard this btc. it's time to hodl more of it!
Btw i just saw this KuCoin Anniversary Celebration
You might see this. maybe you will win this btc by participating their game

You did not purposely capture the red day right?

I am capturing every second day roughly, see my previous post, which one are you referring "the red day" ?

Don't matter, coz I see it was a red day for modt coin on your capture.

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Great article, it's interesting to see that both ETH and STEEM are quite down from last year, but the overall market has blown up and Bitcoin is running away with it.

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History will repeat itself and we would that bull some time in future , let’s wait and watch

Thanks for the info...Folling you and upvoted ! we are in contact.

We actually should not see what is in the past but look for the future.

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I think both is useful.

Buy BCX, you won't regret it.

consider this year are all about bull, but the market is doing pretty well.

i joined this event earlier and base on this post if ever i win i could earn a huge amount of money due to btc is still on top.