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RE: Vinny Lingham and Brock Pierce Deliver a Great Interview, Check it Out!

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Bitshares and Steem are the most used blockchains on the planet, way more than transactions per day than Bitcoin or ETH. See the truth at

EOS will be the first blockchain to go truly mainstream, Dan has learned so much from BTS/STEEM and now has the team and resources to create the HTTP/Windows/iOS of blockchains.

Brock has vision, Dan has skills and Brendan has business acumen. EOS easily has the best dev team on the planet; in my opinion EOS will be the first crypto to overtake BTC in market cap.


In terms of functionality and scaleability...EOS seems like a good bet to gain significantly. My only reservation is the ongoing $4 eos a good buy?

agree and note that you need to register your EOS tokens. go EOS!


Yes. I guess there is a registration process that you need to complete before the end of the sale.

I love! I hope they make BeOS on the blockchain with EOS. Loved BeOS! Now it's called Haiku.

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