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Bitcoin water is double double chains chains bilaterally developed to provide a means of carbon emissions reductions indirectly via traders/consumer communication is decentralized and without trust. Bitcoin Water plan to reduce carbon emissions through the development of a pair of serial currency/stable double chain dedicated to creating solutions that are the most flexible and scalable for merchants and consumers use. Traders will be able to Transact in cryptocurrency without the worry of losing profits due to fraud or technical issues in conventional credit card processing equipment to them. Consumers will be able to Transact in many ways including in person, via the web, or through Physical Currency AirCash.

Bitcoin is a combined fork bilateral Water between Bitcoin ($ BTC) and Peercoin ($ PPC). We were discussing if we want to put Cash into the Bitcoin Airdrop as well.

Bitcoin Water are proud of the growth and community-based communication. We started by building our business culture around security, transparency, and scalability, and continually improve our goal to meet the needs and requests of the community. Bitcoin Water focused to become the first alternative that suits your Bitcoin, by providing an environmentally friendly method of consensus, and supports a stable side chains with carbon credits to help produce Green Initiatives through the interaction of business and consumers everyday.

Bitcoin Water trying to provide global solutions to many of the major problems encountered with traditional emissions, the banking and financial system. By combining base features a rich and dense Bitcoin, with eco-friendly consensus methods and user friendly Peercoin, we produce Blockchain dual-chains that have the ability to maintain stable and volatile. Bitcoin Water step further to implement Atomic Swap to Exchange and eliminates the need for a centralized trading power. Bitcoin Air focused to bring changes in the real world to a larger population by providing Proponents Assets currency first Carbon Carbon that will eventually produce a clean air initiative and assistance in reducing the carbon footprint of man by carefully arranging and producing programs and New emission reduction Technologies.

The power of Blockchain is endless and Bitcoin Water plan to apply this to the scalability of our payment solutions. We'll make things like Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, and major features Atomic Swap to our Blockchain to ensure that the scalability and security is not something that we do not have. Through the use of our double chains, chains of Bitcoin Water produces the first step to creating a friendly financial system buyers and traders who can not only encourage positive change financially, but also in environments with producing the Swap and Spend the fees directly to create the clean air. program initiatives and technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of man, and in the long term, reduce production costs and produce the goods.

By combining base Bitcoin rich features and population with the source Hybrid PoS/PoW from Peercoin, along with Blockchain double chain developed by Carbon Credit Asset Backing. Bitcoin Water will offer not only a method of preserving the most secure value for cryptocurrency, but also the currency of the most innovative and useful in time through the application of a separate Survey, Swap the Atom Network, Lightning, and evidence of a dynamic Hybrid Peg Consensus/Proof Of Work.

Air Applications using Bitcoin is quite easy. We are dedicated to creating a simple payment system, traders and back-flow payments to individual consumers everyday. This means anyone can access and store their funds safely using any application that is available. Send, spend, pull, Setor, or save your funds are all from the comfort of a mobile application that is easy to use.

Bitcoin Water implements a Hybrid Dynamic Proof of Stake/Proof of Work consensus to stop a potential replay attacks, spending doubles, and 51% of attacks that can occur in blockchain, while maintaining the privacy and security users, maintain Water system chains Bitcoin reserves through confidence-lacking consensus and mint/burn protocols that ensure that no poultry game that can occur.

Bitcoin water has one goal to unite the world via a secure payment, secure, and transparent. Decentralized power overall value and return it to the people through Blockchain.

The Mission of the Bitcoin water is to design and produce a decent first effort in addressing key issues related to the cryptocurrency, small business and risk environment in the current hand. By producing Chainchain Chain-Backed Dual-Chain Carbon first, Bitcoin Water lead in pioneering keterpaksaan, scalability, and overall benefits of using Blockchain. Combining this technology with green initiatives and reliable way to support assets, creating a living Ecosystem Water Bitcoin first dedicated to reduce the Human Footprint, lower the cost and improve the quality of life, life as a whole.

Bitcoin Water appreciate transparency, security, integrity, and strength to people. We feel that all the decisions that guide the way communities should be left to the people themselves. The only thing we have to ensure is security and the well-being of our community. This in turn lead us to value our integrity. Ensure that we are transparent with you all and keep the same truth to ourselves as we do You people we are. Bitcoin water also thrive on the idea that the world can pursue growth means that clean without damaging the lives of others and the land under our feet. We at Bitcoin Water trying to make the power are really positive on the Crypto Space that can change things for the sake of our future generations.


Bitcoin Water is based on the idea that advancing the growth of the economic environment should do its best to reduce the negative impact in the space used as fully as possible. Through the support of a carbon credit, Assets and strategic objectives to reduce emissions through routine actions as simple as shopping in Your local supermarket, Bitcoin Water plan to create the first currencies are environmentally friendly, that restoring the power of health, wealth, and the Administration back to the consumer and the trader's world.


1 June

  • The official Announcement of Bitcoin Air Development will begin with a short paper release
  • This will include our website details and links, fork details,vision and technology short statemen

15 June

  • Development and Administrative teams are Finalized
  • Open Development Q&A on Discord for Community Involvement

1 Agustust

  • Development of the New HDPoS/W Algorithm Plan
  • Development of the Air Protocol Begins
  • Development of Bitcoin Air Begins
  • Continued Development of a Secure Mint/Burn Procedure
  • Start of Wallet Developments for Desktop and Mobile Applications

15 Agustust

  • The official Announcement of the Date for the Upcoming Snapshot


  • Final Development Push to Reach the Main Net Snapshot Date
  • Implementation of the Air Protocol Core to the Bitcoin Air Core
  • Fork Date Expected Before the End of 2018


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