🏅Bitcoin was separated by another 'precious' fork - Bitcoin Diamond🏅

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Today, another 'precious' fork (after Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Silver), named Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), which was initiated by a group of anonymous developers, separated from the Bitcoin network on block 495866. The development team reported that it was successful. According to Fork's authors, the new crypto currency is already supported by 28 large exchanges that can be seen on the project's website. It is traded under the BCD ticker.

However, except for once the largest Chinese sites Huobi and OkEx (OkCoin), most of the rest are Asian exchanges of the second echelon from China, Hong Kong and South Korea, almost unknown to Russian users. None of the major dollar exchanges and stock exchanges of the Altokemon has not yet announced BCD support.

According to the developers, bitcoin Bitcoin Diamond is distinguished by a 10-fold increase in the maximum volume of emissions and a mining algorithm, it also provides protection against replaying transactions and support for SegWit.
What is alarming in this project is that the website still does not have a wallet for the full site, but only links to several web purses.

Mindful of the extremely unpleasant situation in which the Bitcoin Gold team turned out to be after the key was stolen by the owner of the purse displayed on their website, one should be extremely cautious about such links. For example, the first link leads to the site bitgo.cc, which copies the name of BitGo, known in the crypto space, but its original site is bitgo.com.

If you use a purse for bitcoins that generate keys based on a secret phrase (seed), do not enter and do not send this phrase anywhere, especially if you still have bitcoins on your wallet. And before importing keys into any wallet for Bitcoin Diamond and any other similar forks, we recommend that you transfer the bitcoins to another address, which will help to avoid unnecessary risks.


🤗 source: http://bits.media 🤗

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