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Shout out to Crypto Capital Venture
@cryptorecruitr & Litecoin Moses @l3l2ucelee
for the inspiration & @BigSkyCrypto

I’ll admit this crypto life is a bit crazy
but I believe we are on the Verge (XVG) of greatness.
I believe we are the visionaries who don’t follow the herd.
We think for ourselves and don’t conform to the sheep mentality.
We see beyond the Horizon (ZEN), past whats in front of us like the haters and nay sayers.
We are in this together and this is our time and our reality. HODL up!

(BTC) was the first to set it off,
decentralized but now the scene got soft.
Depending on these etf’s & etp’s,

Don’t get even it twisted, shitcoins get delisted & just incase you missed it,
2009 was the year that things changed,
distributed ledger tech on the blockchain.
It rocks mang, Status (SNT) quo can’t stay the same.

All I need from you is your Basic attention(BAT). Crypto safer than your pension, not to mention, decentralized realized gains.
The legacy system is gettin drained, enough pain. Doing the Same thing over and over again is insane.

I’m not a whale I’m a shark, king BTC be the bench mark.
The bear cycles how you mitigate and navigate on this (ARK).
In these crypto (WAVES) like (NOAH),
genesis 6 through 9 remember this,
respect goes to the early adopters. Yes they fought,
an old resistance became support.

Like ICE, NYSE, slithery Diamon, BAKKT, now they consent.
Cryptos electrified like (ETN).
Check the first and the last 3 before you send.

Roubini crashing down like MT Gox
Funk stocks.
Like (SPANK)chain the Populous (PPT) just might bust.
People scared of crypto its easy though, a week ago,
I bought Omesesigo (OMG)

And Litecoin’s (LTC) the right coin.
I just joined, Charlie Lee in greatness.
BCASH is tasteless, like H20
Fugazi like pyrite, fools gold you should of sold now you hold,
oops - I meant hodl

Satoshi Nakamoto my role model.
SEC dont coddle.
Show respect to the devs, they full throttle.
Python squeeze like Bollinger bands.
I’m staking my parcel in this Decentraland (MANA)

All I need from you is your Basic attention(BAT), crypto safer than your pension, not to mention, decentralized realized gains.
The legacy system is gettin drained, enough pain. Doing the Same thing over and over again is insane

We Sit back relax while we TokenPay (TPAY) homage to all the OGs in the space who dropping knowledge. Shout out to the students in dorms who mine in collage

I’m Double down like crypto twins and Winklevoss
Trading in a range on exchange of Gemini
My RSI relative strength mimic Komodo(KMD), Dragonchain (DRGN) like spawn.

I’m (HOT) like Holo, no FOMO
Monero (XMR) on the Lowe like Yahtzee. You can call me crypto papi. Unexplainable like Fibonacci or 6.18, don’t be late, cause money can’t buy you time so get in line for the crypto vine before you get left behind.

Bitcoin has room to boom hodler's hooked like harpoon hoping for the institutional monsoon, asking when moon , soon like the inevitable annihilation of Dr Doom

Its raining (SALT) like Nusret in Orlando
(BURST) Metal (MTL) shots similar to Rambo, when Lambo, on the Crypto Isla Del Encanto
Signing off from Puerto Rico.

Hold up wait no rush.
humongous like my crush on Naomi Brockwell, I rocked well.
Hoping all your crypto wallets swell.
Will we see 20k soon? I dunno its hard to tell.

But I’m in profit, in case you didn’t know, this is Joey Rocket.
Signing off for real this time, I got a trade to find.
Seriously people…don’t get left behind!

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I also believe we are on the verge of greatness. Sick song man I didn't know you could bring them bars.

Haha thanks bro. I've never wrote anything but used to freestyle often. This was tricky for sure. Lots of respect to the artists out there.

lolol thanks for the shoutout :)

Heheee had to do it! Thanks for watching!

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