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Bitcoin Will NEVER Gain Mass Adoption (video/podcast)

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Transition Bitcoin Gateway.

Yes, Bitcoin is a transition from fiat towards decentralized cryptocurrencies, blockchains, bit torrents, internet 2.0 systems, new emailing systems, new emerging technology. So, Bitcoin doesn't have to be the movie star to be fundamental, pivotal, in helping people transition over to new worlds, new ways of doing things. Bitcoin red pills people.

Would we have Steem without Bitcoin?

People invest & save in Bitcoin. Later on, they begin creating other alt coins, blockchain systems like Steem & Minds. So, Bitcoin is that door, that window, that gateway into getting awesome people on board. Then, they go on to do awesome things to help many people.

Indirect Hollywood Success?

So, indirectly, Bitcoin is like mainstream but not directly but instead Bitcoin serves as a foundation for other things to be built on and upon to grow off & expand from.

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This is such a great statement @joeyarnoldvn! Your metaphors are on fire sir!