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Bitcoin Will NEVER Gain Mass Adoption (video/podcast)

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I bought Bitcoin at an ATM (BTM) in Saigon, Vietnam, in 2017. There were stores that were accepting payment in Bitcoin. I'm from Oregon. The point of Bitcoin is not to spend it but to save it for when the dollar crashes in the 2020's like it did in the 1920's. We may face big global economic depressions soon. That is why we have all of this and much more as a way to get around inflation, depression, the Federal Reserve, the world banks of Rothschild and others.

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I was there this year. The Bitcoin Bar? Or the Bitcoin Cafe in District 8? When I was there the Bitcoin Bar had a sign up explicitly saying that they don't accept bitcoin for payment, as it's illegal, and I think they follow that rule. There must be places that accept it though, with the dong doing so poorly.

Well, that's one reason to have Bitcoin, but it's not the only reason to have it.


Yeah, I used an ATM machine at that B Coffee & Bar that is at 74 Bui Vien, near Pham Ngu Lao, in District 1 of HCM. I bought my plane ticket on a website with Bitcoin. There was a cafe that said they accepted Bitcoin on Bui Thi Xuan, Q1. At least that is what they said to me, personally, as I was walking on by.


Next time you go let me know. I love it over there, Now if only we can get a BTM in Cambodia, Laos, etc. There are so many neighboring countries that have few to no BTMs. Thailand I believe has 1, Vietnam has 5, China I think has a couple but that's mostly it for Asia


Yes. Great. Now, do you know about credit cards or other things that may accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? I've heard of some the past few years. But sometimes, some of them may crash & burn like Gab got hit. I like Bitcoin. A good thing to have would be something that works as a transition between buying things and cryptocurrencies, fiat, things like that. Something right in the middle offers a lot of flexibility if it could use and exchange with as many cryptocurrencies as possible, and as many stores, websites, etc, as possible.

Western Union Bui Vien, District 1, its a nice little place