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Bitcoin Will NEVER Gain Mass Adoption (video/podcast)

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Yoda Agreed. The Future is in Motion.

Bitcoin may never gain any more mass adoption than gold has, perhaps. It mostly depends on what the masses are willing to do or not do. You don't have to have an phone app to access web browsers like Firefox and others on your phone.

Firefox Phone.

People can access the Internet on their phones like they do on their computers. You can even install computer programs on phones without Google Play or other app stores. If people want to, they can find how-to videos on how to do many things. So, it is ultimately up to each individual. Steemit is good example as some people may join and may not totally get how Steem works but then they learn it and adapt because they want to.

Black Belt Bitcoin.

Learning Bitcoin is a few levels higher than Steemit. It is like going from brown belt to black belt in karate. So, yeah, some people may not graduate to higher levels. but they can if they really want to, perhaps. It just takes a lot of time to get there.

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