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RE: China and Bitcoin mining decisions can change things in the market...

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I think there are quite a bit of big players using pump and dump to manipulate the price - selling high and buying low. That’s the smart thing to do - don’t act on FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), I’m just going to HODL what I’ve got.😎👍 I look at the crashes as wonderful entry points to buy, buy, buy! Blockchain is already the future of money and therefore it ain’t going anywhere but up.


That's the typical mentality I have too, best way of seeing things I'm sure :D Using entry points to buy when it's low, and never think twice about doing something, it's a waste of time. Hold what you got and try having more when it goes down. People freaking out are pathetic, because as you say, no money has yet totally disappeared, it's not like it's gonna go down until reaching 0. Not many people actually understand that cryptomoney is here to stay. So whatever you buy in the top 30, it will only go up one day, you just have to buy and wait long-term without looking too much, people are emotional. Day-trading is also a big mistake, I mean it is not for me, maybe some people are specialists. But I definitely prefer long-term. Less stressful.

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