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in #bitcoin5 years ago

In that moment, since the pump of almost 20% a month ago, the sea is more for the trader.

Hodlers, who think in the medium / long term, look a lot to market average. There has been an improvement in the average price in the last month, but as I said, the vision is for the long term. The expectation of gain is up there.


For traders, the market is very legal. These look at entry points and exit points, and the volatility of that market is very interesting. So for those who know how to do a graphic analysis and understand the fundamentals of the projects, the opportunities are great.

Still about the traders, those who hit the most are those who do not have a big eye and who do not try to find the lowest point to enter nor the highest to leave. Those who make the gains when they are already satisfied with the move usually sleep soundly.


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