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I found this post from a task in kryptnia and I have attempted to complete the task.

Very good news for bitcoin, my humble support from kryptonia.

Thank you so much for resteeming, appreciate the support both here and on @kryptonia

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I'm super excited about Superior Coin ! I've already mined some and we hope it also sky rockets ! :)

its a good news maam ! from kryptonia here @azilanaitmay825

Been in support of kryptonia from the beginning to the [email protected]

Very informative Lady Joan, Raspberries can always do the trick, even in IT form Lol. I also like the paper wallet idea. As far as bitcoin goes, we can only wait and hope! Blessings and Upvoted!

Paper wallets for security have been covered by many, always good reminder to keep everything safe. Value in cryptocurrency makes everyone a target for hackers, thanks for visiting Stephen always appreciated.

Great informative post about bitcoin. I pray it shoot up to the moon soon hehe. Happy sunday MA.

Really informative Joan. Personally I’m so excited to be part of this crypto movement and everyday there is something new to learn. So to the moon we go.....!

Been quite a ride so far, exciting technology being revealed more often, thanks for visiting @koevert

When I file things on paper, no one, including myself, can find them, ever...

Thank you for the reminder about security @joanstewart and the good news.

From Kryptonia.

Need a safe where all good things get stored for security, just don't lose the key.

Thank you for the tip about paper wallets and paper bills. New to me.

Always keep safe, never know when hardware crashes, leaving to setup from scratch.

Thanks for sharing,

Great time to be alive and part of the action, even in the smallest way.
Thanks and until the next time!

I just say: btc to the mooon!

I admire the fact that you are well versed in crypto-coins. We all need a strong bitcoin and let it fly to the moon and bring us a lot of money. Perhaps there will come a day when we will see 1 bitcoin worth of 50,000$.

Patience with technology that is so new to the world, big waiting game to see which path people will take @vipnata

Thank you for the update.

Good update about bitcoin and i resteemed so others can learn also

Thanks for support, keep learning, along with everyone else @airsoftman have a great new week.

very very nice

This is good news. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing.

Great news to all!

good news for holder.

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Pretty sweet soon we will be mining in space since its so cold there :P

No air conditioning units required, all lined up and ready to go @bitcoinflood thanks for visiting, appreciated.

tnx for d info

Limitless ideas! @damiana

I am still quite clueless when it comes to Crypto, but your posts will get me there eventually! :)

I am still getting my very non-financial and innumerate, not to mention technophobic, head around all of this. However, having been hacked, I see the benefits of a paper wallet! Thanks, Joan.

What an interesting and exciting piece of news! I must applaud the creativity and ingenuity of Miner One for this project! Thanks for sharing it in #steemitbloggers 😁

A good reminder for everyone!

Very informative post. Kryptonia id socialmediaseo

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