Terra Miner - Real Mining Farm Or Yet Another Scam?

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I personally invested a couple of bucks into Terra Miner.. and i ask the question - Is this real.. or yet another bitcoin scam?

There are indeed, many bitcoin cloud mining scams. In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands.

The most common scam is to give away 100GHof mining power for free.. and it seems an attractive offer.

Although every single one of these are a scam. If they gave away 100GH for free, thousands of people would sign up and claim free bitcoin, they would be out of business within months.

Terra miner on the other hand, is running an ethereum based ICO, and these tokens represent your mining power.

1 Token is 1 MH of mining power.

Now again, this could be yet another scam. Although this is why i invested into Terra miner.

  1. The owner has put his real name on the project
  2. The owner has a bitcoin mine already running
  3. The owner has created multiple videos with himself in it

Now i do not suggest any of my followers here put money into this system at this stage.

I have already invested, and payments are supposed to start in Decemeber. We are told they are currently setting up the mine in China.

If Mr Kuznetsov does what he says he will, he will have one of the biggest bitcoin mining farms in the world.

Here is the ICO Video explaining the system:

Here is a webinar done by Pavel Kuznetsov:

Here is a webinar done POST ICO, explaining about the setup process of the mine:

This could be just another scam, ill test it and let you guys know soon :)

At least we know who to look for if he runs with our money lol..

What does everyone here think?

Have any of you guys invested into this system?

Have any other good systems worth looking into?

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i m testing Hexabot now.... but didnt make any deposit yet... they give free bonus. so i see how far i can go with it)))) at least for a week....


Hexa bot pays, i have withdrawn a fair bit. Although i think it may be a HYIP where they pay you out from other people's investments rather than a real trading bot, which would suck.

I think you can withdraw the free deposit after a while, and keep claiming from the faucet and then earn dividends on that also.

It's a real shame there are so many scams in bitcoin!


yeah, i already got cheated with few projects... and lost money.....so im trying to be more carefull....i see that Hexabot works - question how long??? cos seems like these guys developing and adding more new stuffs... But anyways, at least my Bitconnect works so good)))


Yeah bitconnect is good, just never put in more than you can afford to lose on any of these systems.. i see them as a gamble :)

Hopefully it goes well for you :)


Bitconnect is a blatant ponzi scheme.
Just run the math on the potential earnings and you'll see that it couldn't possibly be real, else the world would be consumed by Bitconnect by mid next year. You are just lucky to be in early - if your conscience remains clear after it tanks.

So far the most legitimate mining opportunities are, in my opinion & from my experience as a user:
NiceHash for using your own computer to mine.
Genesis Mining for purchasing mining contracts / hashing power.

Hey, now some time later, have you been paid out? Would be very interesting to, see if it`s scam or legit.

Great project, seems legit and I have followed them for a while. I heard there fist project has been successful. When I signed up they cheated me by 5 tokens but, it seems they have fixed this issue as people were complaining. Here is a referal link if you would like to participate:


Turned out to be a scam!