Sphere - Decentralized Social Media Network - Get 100 Free Tokens!!

in bitcoin •  last year

Sphere is a new decentralized social media network that is currently in the ICO stage, although they have a working application on the Google play store.

We all know steem has done very well.. and i hope to see many more social media and blockchain based media websites in the future do well too.

Sphere is currently giving away 100 tokens to users who register their email on the system. Currently these tokens are worth about 5 bucks.. although if the site does well the coins could be worth alot more, perhaps up to $100.

Well worth a minute of your time to sign up :)


Sphere - Click here to claim your 100 free tokens!

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tnx for sharing this good and helpfull information

Very valuable post. thank you. I will sign up soon.

Very interesting. Signed up. Love the concept behind.

Very nice. I signed up .. i also like the otn tokens , nxt tokens .. check them out people

wonderfull post i like it boss.

Signed up. I am a sucker for anything that could POSSIBLY improve on FB. So over it.