How To Earn Bitcoin Using CoinURL

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CoinURL is one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin ;)

All you need to do, is create a short url and then link to that from your facebook page, twitter, reddit, your blogs or any other place you can imagine.

You are paid for each unique visitor who goes through those links.. so once you have setup your links you can forget about them.. and earn bitcoin for years and years.. all without doing any extra work.

Here are a few examples of links i have created myself:

  1. Free Bitcoin Images To Use On Your Websites
  2. Bill Gates talks about bitcoin
  3. Life of a bitcoin miner
  4. Life inside a secret Chinese bitcoin farm
  5. Earn Bitcoin by sending people to this exchange website

CoinURL also offers banner ads and pay per click ads if you have your own blog or website. These can pay very good rewards per click, although you will need to have a cryptocurrency related website to be approved to publish ads.

If you don't have your own site you could use a free blog host such as or - These both allow you to place CoinURLs banner ads on them.

Write good articles.. and then spread those blog links around. If you write good enough articles on those blogs and spread the links around.. you will end up with lots of good traffic from google..and then you can earn a fair bit of money indeed.

Once you have done the initial work to set all this up.. mostly you can just set and forget. Come back from time to time and update your blogs.. make some new links and share them around.

On a per hour basis.. it's really good money.. paid straight into your bitcoin wallet :)

Click here to register on CoinURL and start earning bitcoin!!

Be sure to follow me and check back in the future.. i will be posting lots of money making guides and information on how to drive traffic to your money making URLs!!

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Anything about how the payments work? Are you receiving $0.001 per click or what?


Yea i think its roughly 50 cents - $1 per 1000 hits.. although they will pay for up to 10 clicks per user ;)


So one needs 1000 clicks to get $1?

While it may not be a scam in your opinion, it could be considered spam. Spam is not appreciated by the community and could be flagged or may result in action from the cheetah bot..

Some things that can be considered spam:

  • Banner ads
  • Referral links/codes
  • Repeating the same post
  • Links to known scams, phishing sites, and other dangerous links

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I will check it out and sign up under you if it's any good.. i love the idea of selling ebooks online.. i have many for sale :)

Thanks for the heads up.

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

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