Hexa Bot Payment Proof

in bitcoin •  last year


So i am testing this new trading bot system.. Hexa bot

Many people are asking me if its legit and do they pay.

I am pleased to announce i have received my first payment.

Withdrawal was instant, and payment was received in about 2 minutes.

Here is my dashboard on Hexa bot.. i withdraw 128,566 Satoshi:


And here is the payment hitting my bittrex account about 2 minutes later:


I like it :)

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While it may not be a scam in your opinion, it could be considered spam. Spam is not appreciated by the community and could be flagged or may result in action from the cheetah bot..

Some things that can be considered spam:

  • Banner ads of any kind
  • Referral links/codes
  • Repeating the same post
  • Links to known scams, phishing sites, and other dangerous links

I think withdrawing less then you deposited isnt real proof to be honest...

I did however start claiming the faucets of Hexabot! :D


Hmm you could be right :P

Although i just wanted to test the system and make sure payments work, and check if they are automatic :)

We haven't heard of this bot, but we'll check it out.

If you like free things, we'll also be running some giveaways and promos too


Cool, what are you planning on giving away :)

Awesome, thanks for the confirmation! I just started with Faucets myself a few days ago and was wondering the same, here's a list of other faucets to check out btw: Bitcoin Faucet Starter List


Yeah making a list of faucets is a good way to earn some free bitcoin :)

I would suggest you check out bit kong, its a gambling site but it has a really good faucet that pays 1500 satoshi.

You cant withdraw that, but you can get free gambling credits.

I am earning some decent money with this one - https://bitkong.com/en?r=mj2hAIam


Is it? I'm not banking much on referral programs I suppose it could help, I saw your post on bit kong and checked it out, i'm not much into the gambling aspect i'm cool with collecting a few Satoshi that'll eventually end up in my personal wallet though.


The min withdrawal is 400k satoshi.. if you refer enough people who keep playing or keep claiming on the faucet you could get this every week.

Depends on your goals. I have been doing internet marketing for about 15 years, thats how i earn my money so i am onto these things like a pitbull on a poodle :P

If you want more bitcoin, yes start getting referrals :)


Actually i noticed in your post too.. your first link Bitcoinker doesn't have your ref url in it, might wanna fix that :)

nice one...I am already in with 50$ , giving it a try....but going for a one week deposit which gives me 22% :)


Cool i hope it goes well, i really like this bot and i really hope they are doing real trading. I think soon these investment platforms will become legit, and will be real game changers.

The chat is fairly active and the admin peter can be found from time to time, although i am told he is working on an application that will be released soon.


yeah, I like it too, have you tried bitconnect as well?

@jimbojones and everybody who invested in this bot, how can you trust them?
I just checked the website and there's no contact information, no team information so there's a possibility that they decide to run away with people's money. They can just simply disappear on you guys like what Bitpetite did.
Please be careful and let me know if you have any information that makes you trust them.

Best of luck,


Good question @hananova :)

You can't :)

Don't trust anyone with your bitcoin.

Even if they had contact information, MT GOX did too ;)

But i treat this like gambling, and i do like to gamble :)

For in life, there is no great reward, without great risk.

Often i will chuck 50 bucks in the pokies.. the odds of winning something are probably about 1:10 give or take.

I give this system about 50/50 of making me money - It can either pay, or run away with my money.

The payout could be 10X what i invest, or even more with the rising price of bitcoin.

So i am willing to throw in 50 or 100 bucks and give it a whirl.

I think that's how people should look at these systems. It's a real shame when people get greedy and start throwing in huge amounts of money they can't afford to lose, or start borrowing and getting mortgages etc.

Me personally, i think these online investment platforms have huge potential, we are just in the wild west days of scams, shams and flim flams.

My prediction is in the next 2 years we will see an influx of legitimate investment systems run on smart contracts or run by reputable companies, and a new multi billion dollar industry will be born :)


I see, yeah we should be careful, it is good to warn people especially those who're new to Crypto because they might get so excited and then get burned.

Thanks for your explanation


Btw i really don't like those HYIP sites. They are just ponzi schemes..


I am trying to find real investments like ICOs, POS coins etc

They need to be based on real products and services.

Bitpetite tried to say it was, although no one was using the money jumbling service i would presume.


Yeah, imagine if they collapse.. people holding these coins will be left with big bags of zeros

Wow, lasted 3 days... Looks #Legit...


LOL totally :P

how did it go so far??? I wpould like u to share ur opinion about this platform