Flow Feed - New Blockchain Social Media Site - Get Free Tokens Here!!

in bitcoin •  last year


Flow feed is a new social media platform based on the blockchain that will be running an ICO soon.

Currently they are giving away tokens to users who sign up for free with their social media accounts.

A Good strategy to get people interested and invested in the coin i might add.

I signed up and got 300 tokens for free by adding my twitter and google plus profiles, along with my reddit account.

Thought you guys might be interested in some free tokens, only takes a few seconds and if they ever become worth something it will be the easiest money you make in your life :)

Click here to claim your free tokens!

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Free is free, but there appears to be some perceptual manipulation and that's what one would be presenting to followers on other accounts. In conclusion of the detailed overview / whitepaper... Worth noting: (interpretations may vary)

The Flowfeed Token ‘is not a digital currency, security or commodity.’ The token’s stated functionality is to allow token
holders to participate and engage on the Flowfeed platform and Flowfeed community, and doesn’t confer any rights to
profits or intellectual property. The Flowfeed Tokens offer future use of the Flowfeed platform with no guarantee of
financial reward or profit. The trading of the tokens should be the market’s perceived value of actions token holders
will have when accessing the platform. Please note for the Flowfeed ICO due to existing regulation we will not be permitting US citizen contributions.