Action Coin Social Media Network Is Giving Away 1000 Free Coins To Everyone!

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I have found another cool blockchain based social media website like Sphere and Sola that is giving away free tokens, this one is called Action Coin and they are giving away 1000 free tokens to each user registered on the site, it only takes 2 seconds to sign up with your email, well worth your time.

The referral program is also multi level, meaning you can earn even more tokens when the people you refer also refer people.

According to the white paper - a total of 10 billion coins will exist, and 4 billion of these are up for grabs via the free token program, which will last until march 1st 2018, so plenty of time to build up those referrals and earn some serious coins!!

Click here to get your 1000 free Action Coins!

This method of giving away tokens for referrals is becoming more and more popular, and i will be creating a section for free tokens on my list of ways to earn bitcoin:

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you know of any more sites like this, ill sign up and promote it for you!

Also be sure to check out my new bitcoin affiliate programs subreddit, if your interested in finding the latest affiliate programs, feel free to come and post your affiliate links :)

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march 2017 is already past


Ahh a typo! Thank you, its corrected to 2018, here is an upvote and 1 cent for you :)

Interesting... Thanks for sharing, I will check this out!!