Troubled Times Ahead

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It looks like the global economy has been slowing down for many years. There are troubled waters ahead. The Federal Reserve can not raise interest rates. Usually the interest rates need to be at least 7% to 8% if they want to lower them to stimulate the economy. Today the interest rate is around 2.5% way too low to help pull out of any recession. Deutsche Bank is struggling to stay above $7.00 per share. That bank should be no lower than $89.00 per share based on their supposed book of assets. The fact that it is at $7.00 shows it is at a default market pricing.

The trade wars often fallow a currency war. The third phase usually ends up being a hot war. Notice the push towards blaming Iran of terrorist activity? Really?

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All Central Banks are headed towards negative interest rates. The world commercial and financial system has become addicted to cheap money. Borrowing money is the only way about 65% of all corporations have been "staying alive". The old kicking the can down the road strategy. The global economy never recovered from the 2008 crisis. We are starting to see a global panic towards some type of asset protection. Bonds are no good anymore and stock markets are unrealistically 200 times their price earnings ratio.

Since the 1960's, advanced computer programs have been running the world's equity and bond markets. It is these same programs that suppress the pricing of Gold and Silver. As long as there is one Central Bank in existence than Gold and Silver will always be suppressed. Gold and Silver will only see their true intrinsic value once ALL Central Banks are eliminated. So this leaves crypto currencies. Will they work as a store of value and asset protection?

Crypto currencies can work as both a store of value and an asset protection. Decentralization is the key. Strong network effect and non bias governance is a must. Bitcoin is in the lead in these areas. Atomic swaps and the lightning network will really help to accelerate the global adoption and usage of key crypto currencies. Crypto currencies are really the only option available to replace the old 600 plus year monetary system that we have now.

Soon we will see a global panic rush into crypto currencies. This rush will be historic as well as stressful. Exchanges, wallets, developers and coders will be working endlessly to meet the demand. Most of us reading this article know that being involved now and overcoming the learning curve is crucial. I feel sorry for those who will become the Johnny come lately. Each month that people procrastinate regarding owning and learning about crypto will cost them dearly.

In conclusion, look for more severe financial pressures world wide. Look for pushing back and forth between Nations geo politically. Look for a global credit freeze and liquidity drying up. Look for more people loosing their jobs to robotics and A.I. Look for a Universal Basic Income to be rolled out within the next 5 to 8 years. It looks like there will be crypto pockets of millionaire and billionaires throughout choice regions of the world yet the majority of mankind will be living in State run 300 square foot living cubicles. I see a "Blade Runner" type of existence with a few haves and the rest being the have not. For me, it seems like the only way to avoid the U.B.I. and living in an Agenda 2030 300 square foot living pod is to have crypto currencies now

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