Subtle Clues Going On With Bitcoin

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What is going on with Bitcoin? If you watch the global market daily on BTC you will notice some very subtle trends. I posted an article and was the first Crypto blogger to notice the uptick of BTC purchases in Brazil 4 1/2 months ago. Why Brazil I thought. Well, my article discussed why. Now I am noticing for the first time in a long time that Australia and Indonesia are purchasing BTC. Something is going on in countries that our bought and paid for media is not telling us.

Why is there such a strong demand for BTC in these countries? Well, these countries have a better idea of the trends and strength of the global economy. Durable goods orders are way down. Also down is the demand for raw materials and manufacturing supplies. These countries smell and see a massive global slow down. I believe these countries wealthy and businessmen are starting to hedge for asset safety into BTC. These guys will be hedged way before "Joe Public" will be.

I strongly suggest to watch the purchase and flow of BTC on a 24 hour basis. The movement and purchase of BTC will give you hidden clues as to the economy that news media and economic sites will not. There is one more caution that I think you should be aware of.

Ledger X, TD Ameritrade ErisX, are now live with their futures settled in physical BTC. BAKKT (of I.C.E.) will be approved and going live shortly. They, as well, will be settling in physical BTC. Here is what is going to happen. BTC will explode with very little warning. When it does climb and the Bull Run is for real, many will log onto their favorite exchange and not be able to fulfill their buy orders. The exchanges will be jammed and locked up. The time to have bought and secured your BTC was 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and January/February of this year. By the end of this coming winter, you will be hard pressed to get a BTC. Institutional money are first in line to buy all newly mined BTC. OTC orders are still not being filled and have a waiting list. What chance do you think Joe Public has in getting in the game? Very little.

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