Litecoin Will Be Just Fine

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A lot of fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD) has been going around regarding Litecoin (LTC). Most of the time when there is FUD there are motives behind it. What would the purpose be to spread FUD about LTC? Simple, drive the price down, get people to panic sell and scoop up cheap LTC.

Litecoin has not had much development lately. Does it need to? What about Mimble Wimble? Well Mimble Wimble is coming. Just what is it? It is a protocol that enables scalability, fungibility, and privacy. It might be delayed but it will come. The powers to be, want to accumulate 80% of the LTC out there. They know that when crypto's are needed for daily transactions, LTC will be one of the top 4 coins used. Bitcoin will not really start to circulate until it hits a price of $60,000.00 and higher. Until then, it will be locked up by HODLers.

The media, email leaks, You Tube bloggers and FUD are all being leveraged to get people to give up on LTC and sell. Remember if you are selling, someone is buying. A large number of developers are not always needed on a 24 hour, year to year basis. Proven protocols can be easily adopted by a developer to their coin's platform. Adoption and awareness is important for any crypto currency and it's blockchain. If LTC has focused on adoption more so than developing well ok. Maybe it was not the best move but it is recoverable.

Being in crypto requires patience. In 2 to 4 years we will all need crypto currencies. Negative interest rates, deflation followed by hyper inflation is inevitable. Fiat currencies are a dead man standing. No one will go near it. It is a liability and has great 3rd party risk. Now is the time to find assets that are not liabilities and outside the global banking system.

Cleaver people control the media and social websites. I usually do the opposite of the masses and it always turns out better.

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