Is This A Real Bitcoin Bull Run?

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Is this a real Bitcoin bull run? One way to tell is if Bitcoin crosses $6400.00 and stays above that level for 7 days. If the price stays above $6400.00 for more than a week, than it is a mini bull run for Bitcoin. If the price does not stay above that level for a week, than this is not a bull run but a pump for notorious reasons.

I am just a little suspicious of this recent Bitcoin bull run. With no surprise we have heard news about Tether, Bitfinex and Binance.. These cats are bad news. These guys are most likely responsible for a lot of the crypto manipulation. A possible scenario is that the BTC pump is to cash out of stolen "Hacked" BTC and raise cash. Tether, Bitfinex and Binance are in need of cash. Now is the best time for them to pump the price of BTC and sell off some of their holdings to raise cash. The cash is desperately needed for them to stay afloat and solvent.

The old saying is true, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Yes, I am not being fooled again. I am watching with caution. After several years of being involved in crypto, I have learned a lot. I have seen and experienced many rises and falls of the market. I have now learned to not be emotional and stick to my targeted goals. Having clear concise goals and sticking to them is a must. Focusing on the long term global trend of digitizing the worlds assets also helps. I know that crypto and the blockchain is here to stay. I also know how, over time, main crytpos will increase greatly in value. Buying, holding and being patient is the key to winning this game.

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