Deutsche Bank Is Not The Only Bank Laying Off and In Trouble. Huge Happenings Coming to Crypto's

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Everyone knows by now Deutsche bank has started their 50% cut of global employees. Roughly 18,000 to 20,000 will be let go. They are not the only ones. Word on the street is that ALL other major banks are to follow with layoffs. The other banks might not be at 50% layoffs but they will average more than 20% across the board. The entire global banking system knows the Fiat currency days are numbered. Banks also want to survive the technology shift. Banks are getting ready to get 100% on board the Blockchain bandwagon.

Hedge fund principles are emailing their top clients to get BTC now. These high end managers are even saying to secure at least 1/2 of a BTC immediately. They are talking about BTC being around $40,000.00 by the end of December. Their mid term forecast is $200,000.00 BTC within 20 to 24 months from now. In fact, the OTC market is on fire and there is not enough BTC available. Proof of Keys will be a MAJOR theme. Why?

More BTC is being sold than actually exists. Crypto exchanges are playing the dangerous Mount Gox scene. They were not hacked per say, they just sold more BTC than they had private keys to. This is going to occur again. People who have crypto's on exchanges and not in hard wallets will be left out in the cold. Picture a "Run on the Bank or Run on Crypto Exchanges". You only own crypto's if you hold the private keys in your possession.

Just one major global financial institution alone has ear marked $2 Trillion Dollars to move into the top 10 to 20 crypto's. It is starting. During the entire 2018 'Crypto Winter" institutions and banks have been buying up the crypto's. Yes, from weak hands to strong hands.

Do not wait to learn about or own crypto's. Owning 1/2 of a BTC could mean life or death financially. The sand is running out of the hour glass.

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