Bitcoin Reaches for a $1000.00 24 hour gain. Why?

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Remember there are a little over 36 million millionaires world wide. That means that the 16 million BTC that is out there, is not enough for each millionaire to own one BTC. There is over 2 million BTC that are lost forever. The current rise in BTC is from individuals not institutional money. Institutional money will start coming into the crypto market early this fall. When the big money comes in, look for $1000.00 a day BTC gains to become commonplace.

Now, the word on the street, is to try and only own 1/10th of a BTC. It used to be own just 1 BTC. Those days are almost over. Now people will be lucky to own 1/2 a BTC or now 1/10th. Remember, each month you delay in getting your BTC the more expensive and more rare it will become.

Look for Ethereum to skyrocket. It should hit $500.00 by this summer or higher. Institutional money is really eyeing ETH. The masses will rush into Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as Bitcoin alternatives. Most will feel that they missed the boat of BTC and go for the next best alternative coins. The top 20 coins will all benefit from the rise of Bitcoin.

image from: You Tube : Making Money

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