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60 Minutes News show of CBS air a Bitcoin news piece over the past weekend. Bloomberg talks about Bitcoin and News agencies are picking up Bitcoin stories every week. Is the latest news coverage of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies due to the end of the 2018 Crypto Winter? I think the answer is both yes and no.

The 2018 Crypto Winter lasted approximately 14 months. During the winter sell off weak hands left the space. Who was buying during the 14 months? Whales and institutions. The small guy investor is easily spooked. Small time investors can not usually control their emotions. Institutions however are void of emotion. Institutions have time, patience and liquidity to pass through tough times. Now we are seeing the beginning of a possible multi year Bull trend in the crypto blockchain space.

During the winter, development never stopped. Quietly, developers have been improving their software. During this same time period, business relationships and partnerships have been forged. How about IBM and Stellar Lumens, Samsung and a hard wallet with the Galaxy S 10, Moon payment and major retail stores, Rakuten launches a crypto exchange, PayPal and Cambridge blockchain, WhatsApp allowing crypto transfers, IOTA with Jaguar and more. 2019 is different than the run up in the fall of 2017. 2017 was speculation and manipulation by a few key crypto coins and exchanges. The growth and excitement now is real and tangible. Fin Tech is real and growing at near parabolic pace.

The best way to gauge the crypto industry is look at corporate partnering or developing their own tokens. Look at government regulation progress and usage cases. In all of these sectors you will see monthly increases for the positive. Very soon, people who delay in getting involved with crypto will be left behind. I do feel that most of the population are not realizing the speed at which the world is changing. By the time most realize the world is going digital and the entire global financial system will be on the blockchain, their Fiat will be worth very little.

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