Bitcoin Exploding Behind the Curtain

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What do you think the value of Bitcoin (BTC) is today? Some may say $4100.00 give or take because that is the price exchanges are indicating. Well, that is completely wrong. You may say wait a minute idiot, I can buy a BTC right now for $4100.00 on my favorite exchange. Yes, you can buy 1, 2, 3, 10, 20 BTC on an exchange today for that price. Try buying 5000 BTC this coming Monday morning. Try buying 30,000 BTC this Monday. You can't. Those large quantities are not available.

Look, these private Bilderberg, Davos, and other global meetings are very well aware of Crypto Currencies including BTC. They have a much greater pulse on the global economy and geo political events years ahead of the rest of the population. They have run the numbers and each BTC has been appraised at or near $100,000.00 as of today, not the manipulated $4100.00 you see on a public exchange. You must realize that the majority of mankind has always been manipulated be a few at the top. Our reality is shaped and molded by these people. If they want the masses to think in a "BORG" or "Group Think" they can influence our thinking to be in harmony with each other globally. Here is an example.

Should Silver be $15.00 per ounce? That is the cost of production. Do you know just what it takes to mine silver, refine it and mint it into a beautiful coin? Silver should be around $600.00 an ounce but it isn't. Why? The few at the top are manipulating the reality of price and hiding it's true value. They want us using their FIAT money not Gold and Silver. Crypto currencies are no different. They do not want us using and adopting crypto until they can benefit from it by owning and controlling the infrastructure. They want to collect a "toll" on all of the on and off ramps from Fiat to Crypto. Once they are in position, they will allow the climb of crypto's to continue without interruption.

The private global elites have run the current global debt held by governments, corporations and individuals. They have run the numbers on global production and earning capacity. They run actuaries and have valued BTC at 100K today but want us to think it is only valued at $4100.00. Go ahead and sell your BTC for $4100.00, guess who will be buying it? Yes, large institutions have $ Billions of dollars in escrow accounts right now to purchase thousands of BTC. There are standing orders all over the world in the OTC market (over the counter) for BTC and there is not enough to fill the orders. A waiting list has started months ago. None of this activity hits the public's attention.

The crypto currency/token market will explode with virtually no warning. The time to accumulate is now and in the past 15 months. When the panic starts to own a Bitcoin, people will not be able to secure one. The infrastructure will quickly become overloaded. Frustration world wide will be everywhere. Hopefully you will not be in that group. Few people study the weekly advances of the blockchain and development teams world wide. The work being done is staggering. The advancements by core developers and foundations is amazing but who is paying attention? The elites know, developers know and perhaps less than 1 million people world wide like you and me. That's it! The rest of the world is not paying attention. Oh well, their loss.

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