A Potential Event That Could Drive Bitcoin to $100,000.00 Over Night

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There is a potential event that could catapult Bitcoin to $100,000.00 over night. This type of an event would be considered a "Black Swan" event. Just what is a black swan event? Well, it is an event that is unexpected and unpredictable. Something coming out of left field so to speak. Here is a possible scenario that could be such an event.

I do not take delight in writing this article. This article is not meant to cause alarm but it just might. There seems to be outside influences in our solar system. The planets behaviors and geological/weather events seem to indicate that an electrical emitter is inbound. Call it a second sun or a Black Star. This Black Star would not be visible nor detectable by traditional instruments. What would indicate its presence would be behavior of the inner planets cores.

Our planet is exhibiting such evidence. The inner magma nearest the earth's core seems to be being energized. A black star would send long wave radiation that would be absorbed at or near a planets core. When the thick inner magma absorbs this energy it heats up and expands. When this magma expands it moves upwards. As it moves upwards and out it displaces the thinner magma that our continental land masses float on. Thus you will see and experience volcanic activity, earthquakes and weather pattern shifting.

Here is a possible scenario. The Pacific Rim of Fire will be greatly effected. The west coast of Canada and the United States will be greatly effected. If and when there is massive continental crust displacement, there will be great infrastructure, economic and lives lost. The disappearance of the west coast of Canada, United States, Mexico and parts of South America would create untold panic, chaos and economic devastation. The United States alone would loose Trillions of dollars. The Federal Government would have no choice but to try and help and or recover from such a geological event.

The U.S. Dollar would be printed into the trillions causing hyper inflation and loss in confidence of such a currency. The world would panic, not just the immediate areas effected. The only assets outside of Fiat currencies would be Gold, Silver, Crypto currencies (primarily Bitcoin) and productive farm land. Look for these assets to set never to be repeated highs.

Let us hope I am 100% wrong and this event does not happen. I have been studying this for years and see evidence that does make me worry and concerned. Time will tell. Let's hope this possible Black Swam event never happens. If something similar does happen, than at least this is a record of fact before hand.

My advice, always try and be as prepared as possible for what if events. Do not panic and enjoy your everyday life and do not live in crippling fear. Fear does not do anyone any good. I would recommend, however, to watch global geologic events closely

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