Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash - Valuation Comparison: How to know which is BEST!

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The Bitcoin Fork happened on August 1st, and I didn't know I could "claim" the same quantity of Bitcoin Cash that I already owned, pre-August 1st.

I found one Youtube video that explained how to claim my "free" Bitcoin Cash.

However, on that first video I watched, their instructions said I needed to download the entire Bitcoin Cash blockchain, and that could take 10 to 14 hours - or something like that. So I decided to wait till sometime later to see if there was a better, faster, simpler procedure.

Then I found it!

Simple instructions from a guy known as Crypto Slayer. Simply download the latest version of Exodus Wallet, and click on a simple link provided in the latest Exodus Wallet, to request the corresponding quantity of Bitcoin Cash be sent to a valid Bitcoin Cash address in an exchange.

THANK YOU CRYPTO SLAYER! And here is that video:

Now for the value comparison part of this article!

Looking at the chart of Bitcoin Cash on, it appears the highest value of Bitcoin Cash peaked at about $690 on August 2nd.

Today, as I write this article, the price is about $330, while Bitcoin is near its record high, at $3526.

A couple of days ago, the price of Bitcoin Cash was exactly 10% the value of Bitcoin.

So, while I may have missed my opportunity to sell, or swap my Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin at Bitcoin Cash's peak, I am now setting my comparison gauge at 10%.

If you are currently holding on to Bitcoin Cash, or if you sell your Bitcoin Cash, you can keep the 10% valuation in mind in the future.

The further below the 10% Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin benchmark, you'll know it was better to have sold your Bitcoin Cash.

The higher above the 10% Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin benchmark, you'll know it was better to have kept your Bitcoin Cash.

And there is the possibility of a see-saw of pricing above and below that 10% benchmark in the future.

So - should you sell or should you hold?

If you flip a coin to make your decision - that would probably be as good as my advice or opinion.

Good Luck!

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