Charitable Donations Using Bitcoin Continue to Rise

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Bitcoin is being very popular in every sector day by day. It's very popular not only the area of business but also charitable fields. In 2017 a report from some major charitable trustees stated that a huge portion of funds are donated via Bitcoin and it's increasing significantly day by day. People are choosing Bitcoin as a payment method for donation, because, it's fast, secure and easy to hide real identity of doner.

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It is great that crypto enthusiast also believe in charity work

Quick, easy and cost effective for donations!

I like bitcoin ,,,, By keeping Bitcoin primarily as a store of value and / or currency, we store it simply and theoretically at least reduce the bloat on the main blockchain.

It can also help reduce arguments and subdivisions in the future because of protocol changes, as there will be little incentive to add new features to try to compete with new projects.

So in short, I think keeping Bitcoin in focus and working well because its currency form is quite difficult so it should be the only focus. In some cases simplicity is the best.
I listen ,,,,

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