What's Up With The Fundamentals of Bitcoin?

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The progress of Bitcoin, a new form of digital money, is currently being watched with lots of interest and critics. This is nothing new in the world of blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency followers. The blockchain technology is very young and real-world solutions haven’t been found yet. The price of bitcoin will always be something to talk about because bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very famous for their massive price fluctuations.

Bitcoin price volatility

After hitting new highs at the end of 2017 with a price of almost 20000$, in 2018, massive sell-offs have been taken place in this crypto market. Currently, the entire crypto space is in its longest bear market ever and a lot of bitcoin skeptics are predicting ‘the dead of bitcoin’. For me being around in this market for almost 6 years now, it’s a big ‘deja-vu’ experience. So the discussion of the price and the speculations will always be there, but common bitcoin fundamentals: what’s up with this?

Daily bitcoin transactions

Currently, the total crypto market is in a state of depression and anger when talking about price actions. However, an argument can be made that Bitcoin fundamentals are much stronger than in late 2017. The most important reason for this is daily transactions.

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