Nearly $5000 down, Altcoins had me tearing my f@!king hair out!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Since September 17th my net worth of Bitcoin went down nearly $5000 USD. But how if bitcoin surged?! Well simply because I fucked up, fucked up bad. It's been a stressful month but I remained hopeful that the alt coins would surge back up. As of 8:30 EST today I can officially say my $5000 USD loss has reversed and become a $700 USD gain. I feel like an idiot because with a few better trades that $700 gain could have easily been a few grand. Whelp, atleast it's not a loss!

How are your alts doing?


Right now I'm down 6k but have been loading up on my good established cheap alts that are claiming to roll out great things in the next 5 months. (NEO, NXS, QTM, PAY and a few others)

ETA : The reversal just began! Alts up, BTC down.

How are you feeling now? Honestly, I don't even understand altcoins.. but I know a lot of crazy is happening with cryptos right now.. scrambling to understand it and invest my little pennies in the smartest way possible!

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